Everything You Need To Know

About The Magic Card


Easy To Use

In order to use the magic card, simply tap it on the phone of the person whom you want to connect with. The card doesn't need to touch the phone, and works best when held closely to the top of the mobile device.


Professional And Simple

All magic cards are made to look clean, sleek, and professional in just about any setting. The simple, white and blank card design makes them appropriate for workplace professionals and business owners alike.


Built With Quality

Magic Card is powered by NFC 215 technology. Inside each magic card there is a chip which communicates via to mobile devices using near-field communication protocols. Each card is approximatly 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.0 mm and weigh around 5g. Magic card is compatible with almost all newer IPhone and Android models.


Connect Any Platform

With Magic Card, there are no limits to which platform you can connect. Whether you want connections to be sent to your personal portfolio, business website, Linkedin, Linktree, or even social media accounts, all Magic Cards are fully customizable at checkout.